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Everyone wants to feel healthy, happy and bursting with vitality.

You too, right?

I believe optimal health can be achieved by not only treating the symptoms you may be living with, but going right to the root of the cause and beginning the journey there. 

Infusing the principles of healing through nutrition and looking at each client as an individual, I work with the elements of mind, body & spirit to uncover a deep understanding of every clients needs for ultimate wellbeing. 

The goal of Holistic Health & Nutrition is to provide YOU with all of the tools for transformation and bring to fruition your deepest desires for health and ultimately, life. 

Whether you have a specific weight loss goal, a curiosity to explore optimal fertility or a need for Nutritional advice, I've got you covered.


I've collated my most-prescribed products all in one place! Scope the supplements I use in my practice (and for myself) and check out the brands I highly recommend.



You're ready to go there - I'm here to help you. Book an appointment with me to take the first step toward your ultimate vitality.